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 Where does the concept
of 'halos' come from?
  s 4-headed beast
One artist's depiction of Ezekiel's four-faced angeis far too literal. What about another made-up concept: halos. Are they Scriptural?
  winged Isis
The Egyptian Goddess, Isis who also sports a circle over her head which represents the sun. Likely the main enfluence of the notion of a glowing halo. Notice the horns in her headdress. Such horns are an intrigral part of the imagery of the Muslim faith and represent fertility.
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Excerpt from Aliens & In-laws

The Real Mount Sinai - In Saudi Arabia

n 1988, two American explorers concluded that the traditional site of Mount Sinai was geographically incorrect. It was not in Egypt on the central-southern Sinai Peninsula, but rather in Saudi Arabia. Galatians clearly makes that distinction:




GALATIANS 4:22 For it is written, that Abraham had two sons, the one by a bondmaid [Hagar], and the other by a freewoman [Sarah].

23 But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh; but he of the freewoman was by promise.

24 Which things are an allegory: for these are the two covenants; the one from the mount Sinai the Law, which gendereth to bondage, which is Agar [Greek spelling Hagar, who birthed Islam’s lineage through Ishmaelsee Exodus Chpt. 21].

25 For this Agar is mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children.

26 But Jerusalem [Mt. Zion: God’s holy mountain] which is above is free, which is the mother of us all [and home to God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the angels & saints – see Hebrews 12:22-24]. [Underlines added for emphasis].

By way of explanation, Ishmael is the father of today’s Arab/Muslim people. It’s interesting to note that the Muslim Law, called the Shariah, is an extensive set of dos and don’ts of personal and societal conduct. Their clergy is consumed with applying their Law to the people, even by force if necessary. They do not believe that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, nor do they believe He was God’s promised Savior.

The other son, Isaac, was the lineage to King David who’s descendant produced Mary, the mother of Christ. She bore a son immaculately because of God’s promise. And because of the promise that Jesus brings, we do not have to live under the bondage of the Law, but rather, we have freedom in Christ’s sacrifice. It is simply available for the asking, but we shall get into that later.
Traditional Mount Sinai -- authenticity is challenged by Scripture & confirmed by satellite imagery of Sinai Peninsula's underwater land bridge in Gulf of Aqaba
mr   traditional mt sinai
Figure 35 - Traditional Mount Sinai on the central-southern Sinai Peninsula. New evidence disputes accuracy of this location (see pp. 284-286). This site was arbitrarily chosen by Roman Emperor Constantine’s mother, long after the actual Exodus, and has little in common with the facts of Moses’ journey to Midian.The Bible's account says that over two million Hebrews hid (while) under the mountain. Tradition has always interpreted this as they hid in caves from the descending cloud of God over Mt. Sinai. The mountain above has no such caves to hide in for a dozen people, let alone, up to three million, including childreen. Obviously something is amiss...or a mystery to be solved.
Figure 34 St. Catherine’s Monastery at the foot of the traditional site of Mt. Sinai, located in the central-southern area of the Sinai Peninsula.

Recent discovery challenges Moses’ traditional
path to Mt. Sinai

Mount Sinai is not on the Sinai Peninsula where tradition has mistakenly placed it, but in Saudi Arabia. If it were on the Sinai Peninsula that would have required Moses and the Jews to cross either at the Reed Sea (or one of its tributaries) or at the western finger of the Red Sea, called the Gulf of Suez today. Crossing the waste-deep Reed Sea would not require much of a miracle and has been a favorite target for skeptics who claim a “typo” in the Bible. What is written “Red” should have been labeled “Reed,” they say. Crossing the thousand-foot-plus deep Gulf of Suez (see figure 37) invited skepticism. It’s easy to see how skeptics would doubt the parting of a thousand-foot wall of water. It would be a monumental task, even for angels. Remember, God created the laws of physics and even the angels have to obey them.

Figure 37 The late Ron Wyatt, explorer and exegetical author, has revealed a very fascinating discovery. Satellite imagery was used to confirm a natural land bridge connecting the central-eastern Sinai Peninsula with the Saudi Arabian Kingdom. His claim that Moses crossed the Red Sea at that point is bourne out by the fact that impassable mountains block the escape of the Jews and their animals, as we see above, when the Pharaoh’s army tried to catch up to and exterminate the approximated 1-3 million Jews. Other evidences have revealed a mountain in Midian (modern-day Saudi Arabia) with all the necessary attributes to prove it is the true Mount Sinai. The top of that mountain, referred to as “The Mountain of Moses” by local villagers, is super-naturally scorched and its solid granite boulders bear a telltale blackened appearance (see figure 43 below).
The late Ron Wyatt, explorer and exegetical author has discovered that a natural land bridge – covered in only 50 feet of water, as revealed by infrared satellite imagery recently – connects the central-eastern Sinai Peninsula with the mainland of northwestern Saudi Arabia. Directly across this bridge, and just south, is a secret Saudi (Islamic) archaeological site guarded by soldiers and enclosed in 15-foot-high fencing topped with razor-wire. (see figure 40)

The fencing prohibits access to a large 8,000 foot high mountain called Jabal al Lawz – interpreted the “Mountain of The Law”. It's also known locally as the Mountain of Moses (Jabal al Musa). The double-peaked formation has a natural amphitheater between its peaks (
see figure 43 below), a perfect place for a large audience.

hjy Figure 38 - Example of artwork from Egypt featuring the bull god Apis. Same basic image as that shown to the right, except this more sophisticated design was done by the finest artisans in Pharoah’s court.
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ywFigure 41 The top of the Saudi mountain is abnormally dark, like obsidian; the rocks look almost like coal. It appears as if the localized area has been scorched or exposed to extremely high temperatures from some outside force powerful and large enough to cause the entire top of the mountain to be discolored. The discoloration has penetrated at least one-quarter inch into the actual rock from the unkown influence.
Mr. Wyatt and fellow explorers Bob Cornuke and Larry Williams are in agreement in their claims that this is the true Mount Sinai because it fits all the requirements, primarily that it is in Saudi Arabia. That means that Moses would likely have crossed over the shallow Reed Sea, but that is not where the miracle of the parting of the waters took place. The miracle actually occurred near the second inlet of the Red Sea, now called the Gulf of Aqaba (see figures 37 and 42).

Additionally, Cornuke and Williams were actually able to visit this site several years ago. On that trip they managed to sneak by the guards at night and dig under the fence isolating the site. When they surveyed the area they found what appeared to be a large altar constructed from stacked boulders (see figure 39). On some of the rocks they found 8 foot tall petroglyphs of cattle, something that resembled those found in Egypt, but not in Saudi Arabia where they’ve historically kept mainly sheep. Cornuke and Williams speculate this is the site where the tribe of Israel erected their pagan idol: the golden calf, fashioned after the Egyptian bull god, Apis (see figures 38 and 39).

Further exploration revealed the remnants of twelve columns constructed in a single row, just as described in the Bible (Exodus 24:4).

As they ascended the mountain, they noticed the rocks got blacker. It is the only mountain in the area with such a feature. The rocks and boulders appeared as dark as coal, almost volcanic, but when they broke some specimens open they discovered their centers were normal, light-colored granite as in the surrounding geography. These rocks had apparently been blackened by an outside source of tremendous heat, supporting the description Moses gave of the “sight of the glow of the Lord…like a devouring fire on the top of the mount…” (Exodus 24:17) (see figure 43 below).

They also found an ancient dry stream bed “…the brook that descended out of the mount” (
Deuteronomy 9:21), and suitable vegetation to feed large numbers of livestock. Moses, we know, had kept sheep at Mount Sinai several years prior (Exodus 2:21, 3:1). In fact, it’s where he met his wife. When he returned with the Israelites, they camped there for eleven months, requiring sufficient food and water for their sizeable herds and millions of people. Only the Saudi site possessed the necessary components to support such a multitude.

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Tabernacle Area description   Sacrificial animal holding pen
Figure 46  Altar area with several round sections of apparently toppled hewn columns. Perhaps the twelve pillars that Moses erected to represent the twelve tribes of Israel (see Exodus 24:4).
Column close-up    
It's astounding that this relic from the past is still with us after five thousand years! If proof of the existence of Moses' trek to Mount Sinai doesn't build your faith, then the next Intriguing revelation is sure to make you take notice and instill trust in the accuracy of the Holy Bible. No other document in the existence of mankind has been proven so reliable by so many sources. Here is yet another example: Noah's Ark Found...Rediscovered!
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